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Improvement of LINZBO is Foshan Luanhang Decoration Material Co., Ltd. Jiezhuang ecological wood brand, professional engaged in a variety of ecological wood siding, grids, and other sound-absorbing plate senior environmental protection material, over the years,attention to ecological wood industry R & D and production, with the constant development and expansion of enterprises, pin sales, design, installation, logistics and other multiple modules, LINZBO has become the industry's premier one-stop delivery of large enterprises.

LINZBO has advanced numerical control technology, mature plate production process, to create quality products has laid a solid foundation, took the lead in introducing import pur coating CNC equipment, to ensure that fresh products, environmental protection,no pollution. Hundreds of different specifications of the wall panels, the ceiling can be based on different colors, texture and free combination, simple fashion style.

LINZBO as "ecological wood color trends set", whether in design and color match, fully meet the needs of modern home decora- tion, personalized custom, leave machine-made, greatly improving the consumers in constructing the ideal home of optional, from recognized and favored by the vast number of consumers at the same time, continue to provide customers around the world with more stable quality of service, look forward to the future, linzhongbao will lead the energy-saving environmental protection and new materials technology, building energy-saving environmental protection industry pioneer.

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